Broker Offices in Biratnagar [Full List]

Are you looking for your favorite broker offices in Biratnagar? Broker offices are the most important part of the financial and stock market because such places provide us with invaluable information about the shares and stocks that are trending up or down in the market.

List of Broker Offices in Biratnagar

Broker Offices in Biratnagar
Broker NumberBroker NamePhoneAddress
6_RWSAgrawal Securities Pvt.Limited021-571667, 021-570857Main Road, Biratnagar
10_RWSPragyan Securities Pvt. Limited021-5221426Rangeli Road, Biratnagar
19_RWSNepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. Limited021-440127Main Road, Biratnagar
28_RWSShree Krishna Securities Limited021-521644, 021-521698Municipality Office, Biratnagar
50_RWSCrystal Kanchenjunga Securities Pvt.Ltd021-513161, 9862329692Jaljala Chowk, Biratnagar


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