C-ASBA Charges in Nepal

Are you looking for the updated C-ASBA Charges in Nepal? Read the article to find the C-ASBA charges for Commercial Banks, Development Banks, and Financial Institutions including the free ones.

Furthermore, you will also find out what ASBA and C-ASBA are, and how to use them. You may have heard of these terms while applying for an IPO through your bank or MeroShare.

Don’t worry, we will take you through all the details.

C-ASBA Charges in Nepal

With the development of the C-ASBA System, now it’s easier to apply for IPO, FPO, and Right Share online.

Here we will discuss C-ASBA Charges by different Commerical Banks, Development Banks, and Financial Institutions.

Under C-ASBA, most of the banking/financial institutions charge you for applying the applications. The charge is a holding charge that is done in the backend system by banks.

C-ASBA Charges of Commercial Banks in Nepal including charges for Development Banks and Financial Institutions

1. C-ASBA Charges of Commercial Banks in Nepal

Bank SymbolA-Class Commercial Banks in NepalOld C-ASBA ChargeNew C-ASBA Charge
NABILNabil Bank Ltd.FreeFree
NICANIC Asia Bank Ltd.FreeFree
RBBRastriya Banijya Bank Ltd.FreeFree
KBLKumari Bank Ltd.FreeFree
SANIMASanima Bank Ltd.FreeFree
NMBNMB Bank Ltd.FreeFree
SBLSiddhartha Bank Ltd.FreeFree
NBLNepal Bank Ltd.FreeFree
ADBLAgriculture Development Bank Ltd.Rs. 10Rs. 5
PCBLPrime Commercial Bank Ltd.Rs. 10Rs. 5
SRBLSunrise Bank Ltd.Rs. 10Rs. 5
PRVUPrabhu Bank Ltd.Rs. 10Rs. 5
NCCBNepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd.Rs. 10Rs. 5
GBIMEGlobal IME Bank Ltd.Rs. 15Rs. 5
NIMBNepal Investment Mega Bank Ltd.Rs. 20Rs. 5
HBLHimalayan Bank Ltd.Rs. 20Rs. 5
EBLEverest Bank Ltd.Rs. 20Rs. 5
CZBILCitizens Bank International Ltd.Rs. 20Rs. 5
SBINepal SBI Bank Ltd.Rs. 25Rs. 5
LBLLaxmi Bank Ltd.Rs. 25Rs. 5
SCBStandard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.Rs. 100Rs. 5
C-ASBA Charges of Commerical Banks in Nepal

2. Commercial Banks with Free C-ASBA Charge

Nabil Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Kumari Bank, Sanima Bank, NMB Bank, Siddhartha Bank, and Nepal Bank are the eight commercial banks in Nepal that provide free C-ASBA Services in Nepal till date.

  • Nabil Bank Ltd. (NABIL)
  • NIC Asia Bank Ltd. (NICA)
  • Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. (RBB)
  • Kumari Bank Ltd. (KBL)
  • Sanima Bank Ltd. (SANIMA)
  • NMB Bank Ltd. (NMB)
  • Siddhartha Bank Ltd. (SBL)
  • Nepal Bank Ltd. (NBL)

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3. C-ASBA Charges of Development Banks & Financial Institutional in Nepal

Here is the list of development banks & financial institutions in Nepal that provide C-ASBA services with some minimum cost or for free.

SymbolDevelopment Banks & Financial InstitutionalC-ASBA Charge
MFILManjushree Finance Ltd.Free
LBBLLumbini Bikas Bank Ltd. Rs. 5
MNBBLMuktinath Bikas Bank Ltd.Rs. 5
MLBLMahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd.Rs. 5
GBBLGarima Bikas Bank Ltd.Rs. 5
KSBBLKamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd.Rs. 20
ICFCICFC Finance Ltd. Rs. 25
C-ASBA Charges of Development Banks & Financial Institutional

What is ASBA?

ASBA stands for Application Supported by Blocked Amount. ASBA is a system wherein the application money is blocked in the bank account from where the application has been made. ASBA was introduced in 2008, and since then, it has been recognized and accepted as a good option for IPO applications.

The main benefit of using ASBA is that your funds are blocked only when you apply for publicly issued securities. This means that if you are not allotted sufficient shares, or if no shares get allotted to you, your money will be released back into your bank account automatically on the refund date.

ASBA banks are the banks that have been authorized by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) to facilitate the ASBA process for their customers.

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What is C-ASBA?

C-ASBA (Centralized Application Supported By Blocked Amount) is a new method of applying for IPOs that CDS and Clearing Limited have developed. Although it is possible to apply for IPOs using the traditional paper application process by visiting your bank, it is significantly easier and faster to do so using C-ASBA.

The advantage of C-ASBA is that it provides more convenience to applicants as they can apply for IPOs through their banks without having to open an account with a designated ASBA bank. C-ASBA is the system of applying for IPOs in Nepal through ASBA-enabled banks.

The working mechanism of C-ASBA is that instead of paying the entire amount of shares applied for upfront, the applicant only blocks an amount equal to the shares applied for in his/her bank account.

If the shares are then allotted to the applicant and the money gets debited from the account only when the shares are allotted. The process of applying for IPOs through C-ASBA is similar to the process of applying through ASBA banks.

The main difference between ASBA and C-ASBA is that in ASBA, the applicant has to open an account with a designated ASBA bank, while in C-ASBA, the applicant can apply for IPOs through his/her bank.

How to get CRN Number in Nepal?

  • Open a bank account if you have not already.
  • After having a Bank account, ask your bank for the C-ASBA form.
  • Fill up all the necessary information including DEMAT info.
  • Wait for the verification from Bank End.
  • Finally, after verification, Bank will provide a CRN Number.
  • Please keep it safe, you need it while filing the IPO.

How to apply for an IPO through C-ASBA?

To apply for an IPO through meroshare, you need C-ASBA Registration Number (CRN) and you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the Meroshare app or website and select “My ASBA” from the menu.
  • Select the IPO you want to apply for. To check if the company is available, check to Apply for Issue tab.
  • Fill out the application form with your required information (Bank, Kitta Number, Amount, and CRN).
  • Read this article to know How to Apply for an IPO in Nepal using MeroShare?
  • Finally, check the status of your application by going to “Application Report“.


What is the difference between ASBA and C-ASBA?

If you’re wondering what the difference between ASBA and C-ASBA is, here it is: C-ASBA is an online-based system that allows you to apply for publicly issued securities applications directly online. The normal ASBA process requires you to visit your bank’s branch and fill out an application form for it. C-ASBA is much more convenient than visiting your bank.

What is CRN Number?

CRN stands for C-ASBA (Centralized Application Supported By Blocked Amount) Registration Number. It is a unique number that helps to connect your bank account with DEMAT Number. The CRN number for every customer is unique to avoid conflict while blocking the amount from your bank account while applying for the share application.

Is there any banking or financial institution that provides free C-ASBA in Nepal?

Yes, as of now we have 9 different institutions that provide free C-ASBA charges in Nepal and they are Manjushree Finance (MFIL), Nabil Bank (NABIL), NIC Asia Bank (NICA), Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB), Kumari Bank (KBL), Sanima Bank (SANIMA), NMB Bank (NMB), Siddhartha Bank (SBL), and Nepal Bank (NBL).

At the End

Currently, only certain banks/financial institutions are offering free C-ASBA services. However, most banking and financial institutions charge the amount for each application.

The amount is Rs. 5 fixed for commercial banks according to the rule set by SEBON and you might want to check with your bank as well if they offer this service for free or not.

Also, if you find any information missing or incorrect in the above articles or charges, feel free to comment below.

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