Hydropower Companies in Nepal

There are currently 71 hydropower companies listed in the NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange), each contributing to the country’s growing energy sector.

In this blog, we will explore the list of hydropower companies in Nepal and take a closer look at their contribution to the country’s energy landscape.

List of Hydropower Companies in Nepal

Hydropower Companies in Nepal

Here is the list of 71 hydropower companies in Nepal with their name, symbol, and email address. Also, you can click on each link and know about their current market value, eps, etc.

S.N.NameSymbolPhone Number
1Ankhu Khola Jalvidhyut Company LimitedAKJCL977 01-4102595
2Api Power Company LimitedAPI977-1-5111037/93/56
3Arun Kabeli Power LimitedAKPL977-1-5111085
4Arun Valley Hydropower Development Co. LimitedAHPC977-01-5111086
5Asian Hydropower LimitedAHL977 01 5530135, 5525228
6Balephi Hydropower LimitedBHL977- 01-5905003/04
7Barahi Hydropower Public LimitedBHPL9851248368, 977-1-4370778
8Barun Hydropower Co. LimitedBARUN977 01 5705159, 5705608, 9851312613
9Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Company LimitedBHDC977-1-4781891 / +977-1-4786030
10Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower Company LimitedBNHC01-4003050
11Butwal Power Company LimitedBPCL977-01-4784026/4785295/4785141
12Chhyangdi Hydropower LimitedCHL01-4426483
13Chilime Hydropower Company LimitedCHCL977 (1) 4370773, 4370793
14Dibyashwori Hydropower LimitedDHPL01-4116068
15Dordi Khola Jal Bidyut Company LimitedDORDI977-01-5332748, 5332749, 5332750
16Eastern Hydropower LimitedEHPL01-550934
17Ghalemdi Hydro LimitedGHL977 015902520
18Green Ventures LimitedGVL977  01 – 5342317
19Greenlife Hydropower LimitedGLH977-1-4511373
20Himal Dolakha Hydropower Company LimitedHDHPC01-4462844
21Himalaya Urja Bikas Company LimitedHURJA977-1-4111 853 / 673 / 674
22Himalayan Hydropower LimitedHHL977-1479664
23Himalayan Power Partner LimitedHPPL977-1-4002801
24Joshi Hydropower Development Company LimitedJOSHI01-4473792
25Kalika Power Company LimitedKPCL977-14439152
26Khanikhola Hydropower Co. LimitedKKHC977-1 4429956
27Liberty Energy Company LimitedLEC977-1-4443545
28Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company LimitedMBJC977-1-4721641, +977-1-4721642
29Mailung Khola Jal Vidhyut Company LimitedMKJC977-1-4432372
30Mandakini Hydropower LimitedMHL977 01-4561574
31Maya Khola Hydropower Company LimitedMKHC977-1 – 4436325
32Molung Hydropower Company LimitedMHCL977 01-5670442
33Mountain Energy Nepal LimitedMEN01-4537705, 01-4541648
34Mountain Hydro Nepal LimitedMHNL977 01-5903442
35National Hydropower Company LimitedNHPC977-15172683, 977-15172685
36Nepal Hydro Developers LimitedNHDL977-1 4441131, 4441118
37Panchthar Power Company LimitedNGPL977 01 5705159, 5705608
38Nyadi Hydropower LimitedNYADI977-1-4791776, 4795391
39Panchakanya Mai Hydropower LimitedPMHPL977-1-5005501, 5005502 
40Panchthar Power Company LimitedPPCL977-1- 5251003
41Peoples Hydropower Company LimitedPHCL977 01-4795745, 01-4795923
42People’s Power LimitedPPL977-1-4437 54, 977-1-4437 611
43Radhi Bidyut Company LimitedRADHI9742467430, 9803432607
44Rapti Hydro and General Construction LimitedRHGCL977-01-4100586, 4101140
45Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company LimitedRHPL977-01-4371744, 01-4371794
46Ridi Power Company LimitedRIDI977-1-5111015, 9841234567
47River Falls Power LimitedRFPL977-1-5902330
48Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana LimitedRURU977-1-4519393, 4519394
49Sagarmatha Jalabidhyut Company LimitedSMJC977 01 5705159, 5705608
50Sahas Urja LimitedSAHAS977-1-4419182, 4419183, 4422756
51Samling Power Company LimitedSPC977-1-553977-135, 977-1-5525228
52Sanima Mai Hydropower LimitedSHPC977-1-4372828/4373030/4015788
53Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower LimitedTAMOR977-1-4372828/4373030/4015788
54Sanjen Jalavidhyut Company LimitedSJCL977-1-4374275
55Sayapatri Hydropower LimitedSPHL977-1-4464509
56Shiva Shree Hydropower LimitedSSHL977-1-4222042
57Shuvam Power LimitedSPL977-1-5902330
58Sikles Hydropower LimitedSIKLES977-61-465806, 527807, 462774
59Singati Hydro Energy LimitedSHEL01-4443203,4443202
60Super Madi Hydropower LimitedSMHL977-1-4527090, 977-1-4523971
61Super Mai Hydropower LimitedSMH01-4441137
62Swet Ganga Hydropower & Construction LimitedSGHC977-1-4372828/4373030/4015788
63Synergy Power Development LimitedSPDL977-1-4413212
64Terhathum Power Company LimitedTPC977-1-4253387
65Union Hydropower LimitedUNHPL977-1-5425406
66United Idi Mardi Rb Hydropower LimitedUMRH01-5520254, 52012027
67United Modi Hydropower LimitedUMHL977-1-4169114
68Universal Power Company LimitedUPCL977-01-4251463, 4101097
69Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Company LimitedUHEWA977-01-5705774
70Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company LimitedUSHEC01 – 4426941/ 4426942/ 4426943
71Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower LimitedUPPER977 – 1 – 44202954420268, 4420658


To sum up, Nepal has great potential for hydropower generation, and the government and also A Class Commercial Banks support its development.

More than 71 hydropower companies in Nepal are listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange, and they have the potential to make profits for investors.

But, it’s essential to research before investing because some risks are involved.

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