How to Renew DEMAT Account and Mero Share Online?

Do you need to Renew Demat account online in Nepal including your Mero Share Account? If yes, then you’re at the right place. This article will guide you on how to renew your Demat account online so that your securities and shares would remain safe and intact. Let’s have a look at the process.

As you already know, your Demat account needs to be renewed every year to remain active and in good standing with your stockbroker. You can renew your Demat account online without any hassle by following these simple steps.

How to Renew Demat Account from Mero Share?

The process of Renewing a Demat account from the Mero Share involves three steps. The first step is to log in to your Mero Share account. The second step is to browse the section renew section. The final step is to select the payment provider and further proceed to pay the renewal fee. Follow the detailed process here.

Renew DEMAT Account and Mero Share Online

Step 1: Login Mero Share Account

The first step you need to do is to log in to your mero share account choosing Depository Participants, Username, and Password.

mero share login

Step 2: Visit Mero Share Profile

After logging in, visit the upper right corner of the meroshare portal, and you will see the profile name. Now under, the Own Profile Tab, you can see the expiry date for both Meroshare and Demat along with the account created date. Also, you can see Renew Account button.

mero share renew account

Step 3: Select Payment Partner

Now, it’s time to select the payment method from which you are going to pay the renewal fee. Right now eSewa, Khalti, Prabhu Pay, IME Pay, and Connect IPS (NCHL) are the 5 different payment providers available from which you can select any one of them.

mero share demat payment proceed
  1. Let’s say you choose eSewa for the payment method.
  2. Now, select the account to which you want to renew. It can be either Demat or MeroShare or both.
  3. After selecting, click on proceed. You will be redirected to Merchant’s website.
  4. Login to your account using eSewa ID and Password.
  5. Enter User Details and click on Continue Payment.
  6. Now it will show the Payment Successful message.
esewa login
payment proceed esewa mero share

Renewal Fee for DEMAT & MeroShare Account

The renewal fee for DEMAT and MeroShare Accounts is Rs. 150 (One Hundred and Fifty Rupees only) i.e. the fee for MeroShare is Rs. 50 (Fifty Rupees Only) and the fee for DEMAT is Rs. 100 (Hundred Rupees Only)


1. Can I renew DEMAT & MeroShare for Multiple Years?

Yes, you can renew your DEMAT & MeroShare for multiple years. As shown on the MeroShare CDSC website, you can renew your DEMAT account for up to 20 years and your Mero share account for up to 5 years.

2. Can I make payment Online for DEMAT Renewal?

Yes, you can make your payment online using any of the payment partners for DEMAT Renewal.

3. Which payment method should I select for DEMAT & Mero Share Renewal?

Among the available payment solutions, you can select any of them. eSewa, Khalti, Prabhu Pay, IME Pay, and Connect IPS (NCHL) are the Payment Partner available as of now on the CDSC website.

4. How to check Meroshare & DEMAT Expiry Date?

Go to the website & log in with your credentials. Now you can see the Dashboard, on the upper right side you can see your name and MERO SHARE PROFILE, click on it. Here, you can see the expiry date under your own profile tab.

5. Is MeroShare account compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory but it is advised that one should have it as it is an online system by CDS and Clearing Limited where investors can apply IPOs, Right Shares, FPOs, etc. Also, you can also do EDIS (Electronic Deposit Instruction Slip) of the share after selling it via Mero Share Account.

At the End

This is how you can renew your Demat account online, which is an easy process and you can complete it within a minute or two. Besides the above-listed method, you can renew by directly visiting the Merchant Bank, Digital Wallets, Mobile Banking, and Connect IPS. If you have any feedback/queries regarding this guide then you can contact us.

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