Right Adjustment Price Calculator

Right Share Adjustment Calculator

Well, want to use the Right Share Adjustment Calculator in Nepal for free? This website allows you to quickly calculate Market Price After Right Adjustment in one click. The Right Share Adjustment Calculator is based on the stock market in Nepal.

Right Share Adjustment Calculator
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What is Right Share?

A Right Share is simply an issue of share in which a company provides a right to buy additional shares from the company given to the existing shareholders at a discounted rate. Also, you can use our Share Calculator to calculate BUY/SELL Commission.

How is Right Adjustment Price calculated?

For Right Adjustment Price, you need to use the following formula.
The formula is as follow: Adjusted Price = (Market Price + (Face Value * Right Share % ))/(1 + Right Share %) or

Adjusted Price = (Market Price + (Face Value * Right Share/100 ))/(1 + Right Share /100)

How to use Right Share Adjustment Calculator?

You can calculate Right Share Adjustment Calculator by simply entering Market Price (Before Book Closure) value, percent of Right Share, Par Value which is usually 100 and hit Calculate Button. After that you can see Market Price After Right Adjustment.