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The stock average calculator available on is a tool that allows you to calculate the average price of your stock purchases. This can be useful if you have bought the same stock at different times and at different prices, as it can help you to understand the overall cost of your investment.

In addition to the average price calculator, also offers other tools and resources for investors, including a share calculator and educational articles. These resources can help you to learn more about investing and make informed decisions about your portfolio.

Stock Average Calculator

How to use Stock Average Calculator?

To use the stock average calculator available on, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the number of units of stock you want to calculate the average price for in the “Stock Units” input box.
  2. Enter the price of each unit of stock in the “Price (Rs.)” input box.
  3. If you have purchased additional units of the same stock at a different price, click the “Add Another Buy” button to add another set of input fields.
  4. When you have entered all of your stock purchases, click the “Calculate” button to see the results.
  5. The results will be displayed in the result box, showing the total number of units, the average price, and the total amount.
  6. If you want to clear the calculator and start over, click the “Clear” button.

That’s it! You can now use the stock average calculator to easily calculate the average price of your stock purchases.