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Source: Nepal Rastra Bank

Get the Latest Foreign Exchange Rates for the Nepalese Rupee (NPR) in Nepal. Find the Nepal Rastra Bank Foreign Exchange Rate of USD, EUR, GBP, AUS, INR, etc.

Foreign Exchange Rates – विदेशी विनिमय दर


The Nepalese Rupee (NPR) is the currency of Nepal. Find the latest and most accurate foreign currency exchange rates in Nepal. Updated daily.

Various factors determine Nepal’s foreign exchange rate, including the demand for foreign currencies and their supply of them. It is the demand for a currency that determines its market price.

Various economic factors, political situations, interest rates, and other factors influence a country’s currency demand. Inflation, interest rates, and government policies all influence the supply of a currency.

The foreign exchange rates of Nepal have a significant effect on the economy of the country. To make informed investment decisions, you need to know the foreign exchange rate in Nepal.

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What is the foreign exchange rate?

The foreign exchange rate is the rate at which one currency is exchanged for another. For example, if the foreign exchange rate between the US dollar and the Nepalese Rupee is $1 = Rs. 120, that means that one US dollar can be exchanged for one hundred twenty Nepalese Rupees.

How does the foreign exchange rate for the Nepalese rupee compare to other currencies?

The foreign exchange rate for the Nepalese rupee compared to other currencies varies from country to country. In general, the Nepalese rupee is worth less than the US dollar and the euro, but more than the Japanese yen, and the Pakistan rupee.

What factors affect the foreign exchange rate for the Nepalese rupee?

There are a number of factors that can affect the foreign exchange rate for the Nepalese rupee, including the country’s economic stability, the strength of its currency, political stability, and the level of foreign investment.

How can I get the best exchange rate for the Nepalese rupee?

The best exchange rate can be found in banks and authorized money exchangers. You can also find ATMs at the airport where you can withdraw rupees upon arrival. To get a better exchange rate, it is recommended that you change money in Nepal.

What is the current exchange rate for the Euro to Nepali rupee?

The exchange rate for the euro to Nepali can be seen in the above table. From the above table, you will that the exchange rate of the Euro is much higher compared to the Nepalese Rupee. The exchange rate can change depending on the market and how the currencies are doing.

What is the current exchange rate for the Canadian dollar to Nepali?

The Canadian dollar is the currency of Canada. The Nepalese rupee is the currency of Nepal. The two currencies are not pegged to each other, and the exchange rate between them can fluctuate. As of today, the Canadian dollar is worth more than Nepalese rupees.

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