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Bonus Share Adjustment Calculator

If you are searching for Bonus Share Adjustment Calculator in Nepal then you can use the calculator without the manual work. This website allows you to quickly calculate adjustment prices using the formula in one click. The Bonus Share Adjustment Calculator is based on the stock market in Nepal.


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What is Bonus Share?

A Bonus Share is simply a free additional share given to the existing shareholders. When shareholders invest in a company, they expect the company to provide dividends on yearly basis.
The company can provide dividends in the form of Shares or Cash. Here, you can calculate the adjustment price of the share after the bonus. Also, you can use our Share Calculator to calculate BUY/SELL Commission.

How is Bonus Share Adjustment Price calculated?

For Bonus Share Adjustment Price, you need to use the following formula.
The formula is as follows: 
Adjusted Price = Market Price/(1 + Bonus Share %) 
Adjusted Price = Market Price/(1 + Bonus Share /100)

How to use Bonus Share Adjustment Calculator?

To use Bonus Share Adjustment Calculator, you simply need to enter Market Price (Before Book Closure) value, percent of Bonus Share, and hit Calculate Button. The final result you will see is Market Price After Bonus Share.