NEPSE TMS Broker List in Nepal

If you are searching for TMS Broker List in Nepal then here is the complete broker list with Broker Number (B.N.), Broker Name, Phone Number, Address, and TMS Broker URL.

If you plan to invest in the Nepalese stock market, this article will be very useful. It gives NEPSE TMS Broker List and provides broker contact details so that investors can directly contact them or know the broker information on Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

The NEPSE TMS Broker List makes it easier to do business with the market since you can easily find information about who’s selling and buying which stocks.

The list shows details like who the broker belongs to, and what kind of license they have, making it easy to decide if they are the right person to do business with or not.

Brokers on the list must comply with strict guidelines issued by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) before they are allowed to be listed here, and they have been screened thoroughly beforehand as well. Also, check out Upcoming IPOs in Nepal.

NEPSE TMS Broker List in Nepal

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TMS Broker List in Nepal

B.N.Broker NamePhoneAddressURL
1Kumari Securities Pvt. Limited01-4418036Dillibazar, KathmanduVisit TMS
1_RWSKumari Securities Pvt. Limited061-537511New Road, PokharaVisit TMS
3Arun Securities Pvt. Limited01-4239567Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
4Opal Securities Investment Pvt. Limited01-4423509Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
5Market Securities Exchange Company Pvt. Limited 01-4248973KichhaPokhari, KathmanduVisit TMS
6Agrawal Securities Pvt. Limited 01-4424406Dillibazar, KathmanduVisit TMS
6_RWSAgrawal Securities Pvt.Limited021-531667Main Road, BiratnagarVisit TMS
6_RWSAgrawal Securities Pvt.Limited041-420420Kadam Chowk, JanakpurVisit TMS
7J.F. Securities Company Pvt. Limited01-4256099Dharmapath, KathmanduVisit TMS
8_RWSAshutosh Brokerage & Securities Pvt. Limited9813284370United Insurance Building, ItahariVisit TMS
8Ashutosh Brokerage & Securities Pvt. Limited01-4220276Kichha Pokhari, KathmanduVisit TMS
10Pragyan Securities Pvt. Limited01-4413392Kamaladi, KathmanduVisit TMS
10_RWSPragyan Securities Pvt. Limited021-527283College Road, BiratnagarVisit TMS
11Malla & Malla Stock Broking Company Pvt. Limited01-4425750, 4431607Hattisar, KathmanduVisit TMS
13Thrive Brokerage House Pvt. Limited01-4425750, 4431607Naxal, KathmanduVisit TMS
13_RWSThrive Brokerage House Pvt. Limited061-522935Gairipatan, PokharaVisit TMS
14Nepal Stock House Pvt. Limited01-4265888Anamnagar, KathmanduVisit TMS
14_RWSNepal Stock House Pvt. Limited061-534694Gairapatan, Pokhara Visit TMS
16Primo Securities Pvt. Limited01-4168214Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
16_RWSPrimo Securities Pvt. Limited051-529683Adarsha Nagar, BirgunjVisit TMS
17ABC Securities Pvt. Limited01-4230787Indrachowk, KathmanduVisit TMS
17_RWSABC Securities Pvt. Limited025-524083Prithvi Marg, DharanVisit TMS
18Sagarmatha Securities Pvt. Limited01-4439315Dillibazar, KathmanduVisit TMS
19Nepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. Limited01-4495450Bhimsengola, KathmanduVisit TMS
19_RWSNepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. Limited021-440127Main Road, BiratnagarVisit TMS
20Sipla Securities Pvt. Limited01-4255782NewRoad, KathmanduVisit TMS
21Midas Stock Broking Company Pvt. Limited01-4240089Kamaladi Chowk, KathmanduVisit TMS
21_RWSMidas Stock Broking Company Pvt. Limited071-438332, 071-438336Chauraha, ButwalVisit TMS
22Siprabi Securities Pvt. Limited01-5530701Pulchowk, LalitpurVisit TMS
22_RWSSiprabi Securities Pvt. Limited051-523818Resham Kothi, BirgunjVisit TMS
25Sweta Securities Pvt. Limited01-4444791Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
25_RWSSweta Securities Pvt. Limited01-4223914Ghantaghar, BirgunjVisit TMS
26Asian Securities Pvt. Limited01-4424351Putalisadak-32, KathmanduVisit TMS
26_RWSAsian Securities Pvt. Limited071-547279Near Global IME Bank, ButwalVisit TMS
28Shree Krishna Securities Limited01-4441226Dillibazar, KathmanduVisit TMS
28_RWSShree Krishna Securities Limited21521699Municipality Office, BiratnagarVisit TMS
29Trishul Securities And Investment Limited01-4440709Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
29_RWSTrishul Securities And Investment Limited061-523901Newroad, PokharaVisit TMS
32Premier Securities Company Limited01-4231339Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
32_RWSPremier Securities Company Limited061-534201New Road, PokharaVisit TMS
33Dakshinkali Investment Securities Pvt.Limited01-4168640Kamaladi, KathmanduVisit TMS
33_RWSDakshinkali Investment Securities Pvt.Limited9851095629Palpa Road, ButwalVisit TMS
34Vision Securities Pvt.Limited01-4770425/452, 01-4770408Anamnagar, KathmanduVisit TMS
34_RWSVision Securities Pvt.Limited071-522324Narayangarh, BhairawaVisit TMS
34_RWSVision Securities Pvt.Limited011-662802Banepa Chowk, BanepaVisit TMS
35Kohinoor Investment and Securities Pvt. Ltd01-4442857Kamalpokhari, KathmanduVisit TMS
35_RWSKohinoor Investment and Securities Pvt. Ltd061-534445New Road, PokharaVisit TMS
36Secured Securities Limited01-4262861Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
36_RWSSecured Securities Limited9840065920Bhadrapur Road, BirtamodeVisit TMS
37Swarnalaxmi Securities Pvt.Limited01-4417178Kamalpokhari, KathmanduVisit TMS
37_RWSSwarnalaxmi Securities Pvt.Limited9855037137Sangam Chowk, HetaudaVisit TMS
38Dipshika Dhitopatra Karobar Co. Pvt. Limited01-4102532Anamnagar, KathmanduVisit TMS
38_RWSDipshika Dhitopatra Karobar Co. Pvt. Limited091-521984/85Yug Plaza, DhangadhiVisit TMS
39Sumeru Securities Pvt.Limited01-4444740Hattisar, KathmanduVisit TMS
39_RWSSumeru Securities Pvt.Limited023-541919Birtamode, JhapaVisit TMS
40Creative Securities Pvt.Limited01-4419572Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
40_RWSCreative Securities Pvt.Limited011-663258, 664176Near Neco Insurance, BenepaVisit TMS
41Linch Stock Market Limited01-4784567New Baneshwor, KathmanduVisit TMS
41_RWSLinch Stock Market Limited071-547292Milanchowk, ButwalVisit TMS
42Sani Securities Company Limited01-4166005Jamal, KathmanduVisit TMS
42_RWSSani Securities Company Limited056-572272Sahidchowk, NarayanghatVisit TMS
43South Asian Bulls Pvt.Limited01-4284785Kuleshwor, KathmanduVisit TMS
44Dynamic Money Managers Securities Pvt. Ltd01-4414522Kamalpokhari, KathmanduVisit TMS
44_RWSDynamic Money Managers Securities Pvt. Ltd9843252336Near Deva Bikas Bank, BanepaVisit TMS
45Imperial Securities Co. Pvt. Ltd.01-5706004, 5705187, 5705344Anamnagar, KathmanduVisit TMS
45_RWSImperial Securities Co .Pvt.Limited081-524932Dhamboji chowk, NepalganjVisit TMS
46Kalika Securities Pvt.Limited01-4430601Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
46_RWSKalika Securities Pvt.Limited081-527301Newroad, NepalgunjVisit TMS
47Neev Securities Pvt. Ltd01-4168601Kamaladi, KathmanduVisit TMS
47_RWSNeev Securities Pvt. Ltd025-587408Biratnagar, ItahariVisit TMS
48Trishakti Securities Public Limited01-4232132Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
49Online Securities Pvt. Ltd01-4168298Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
49_RWSOnline Securities Pvt. Ltd025-530683College Road, DharanVisit TMS
50Crystal Kanchenjunga Securities Pvt. Ltd01-4011072New Plaza, KathmanduVisit TMS
50_RWSCrystal Kanchenjunga Securities Pvt. Ltd9851098200Jaljala Chowk, BiratnagarVisit TMS
51Oxford Securities Pvt. Ltd01-4278113Kalimati, KathmanduVisit TMS
51_RWSOxford Securities Pvt. Ltd9845066244Lions Chowk, NarayangartVisit TMS
52Sundhara Securities Limited01-4263583Sundhara, KathmanduVisit TMS
52_RWSSundhara Securities Limited9851194933Nabil Bank Building, BesisaharVisit TMS
53Investment Management Nepal Pvt. Ltd.01-4256589Tripureshwor, KathmanduVisit TMS
53_RWSInvestment Management Nepal Pvt. Ltd.061-537944Newroad, PokharaVisit TMS
54Sewa Securities Pvt. Ltd.01-4256642Tripureshwor, KathmanduVisit TMS
54_RWSSewa Securities Pvt. Ltd.057-524454Mainroad, HetaudaVisit TMS
55Bhrikuti Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.01-4223466Newroad, KathmanduVisit TMS
55_RWSBhrikuti Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.025-587273Kasturi Chowk, ItahariVisit TMS
56Shree Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd01-4437562Kamaladi, KathmanduVisit TMS
56_RWSShree Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd023-542132, 023-542454Birtamode, JhapaVisit TMS
57Araya Tara Investment And Securities Pvt. Ltd.01-5706297, 01-5705596Anamnagar, KathmanduVisit TMS
57_RWSAraya Tara Investment And Securities Pvt. Ltd.071-542561Traffic Chowk, ButwalVisit TMS
58Naasa Securities Co. Ltd.01-4440384Naxal, KathmanduVisit TMS
58_RWSNaasa Securities Co. Ltd.9841018232Adarsha Nagar, BirgunjVisit TMS
59Deevyaa Securities & Stock House Pvt. Ltd01-4421488Putalisadak, KathmanduVisit TMS
59_RWSDeevyaa Securities & Stock House Pvt. Ltd068-521957Purano Buspark, BaglungVisit TMS

If you are searching for broker offices in different locations like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Birgunj, Jhapa, Butwal, etc. then follow the below list.

How to use NEPSE Broker List?

The above list consists of the Broker List, Broker Name, Phone Numbers, Location, and Links of each broker’s TMS List. so, you can use it in any way like you can use a phone number to call the broker and ask for information related to NEPSE, Secondary Market, transactions, DEMAT, TMS account, etc.

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