How to Apply for IPO in Nepal using MeroShare?

Are you looking for someone who knows how to apply for IPO in Nepal using MeroShare app or website?

It is a basic guide for those who are new to the share market. It’s really easy to do and MeroShare offers great instructions. You will be done in no time.

Before applying for the IPO (Initial Public Offering) you need the following things. Without these, the applied IPO will get failure or you can’t even start.

  1. DEMAT Account.
  2. MeroShare Account.
  3. CRN number.
  4. 4-digit PIN.
  5. Money in your Bank Account.

What is IPO?

I’m sure you’ve heard about IPO a lot here and there but do you actually know what it means? Well, IPO stands for ‘Initial Public Offering’.

IPOs are done for the first time by companies wishing to raise money; typically from investors. It is a process that enables companies to go public on the stock market by selling shares or equity in themselves to get funding. 

Steps to Apply IPO in Nepal using MeroShare

The process of applying for IPO in Nepal using the MeroShare app/website is simple and easy. All that you need to do is go to the app through your mobile device or the meroshare website. select the company name you would like to apply for.

Apply for IPO in Nepal using MeroShare Online

1. How to apply IPO in Nepal using MeroShare App?

Let’s talk about how to apply for IPO in Nepal using the MeroShare app. We make it easy for you by walking you through the process.

MeroShare Mobile Apps
MeroShare Portfolio
MeroShare Current Issue
MeroShare Report

1. Download MeroShare App

If you haven’t already installed MeroShare App then you can download it from PlayStore for Android, currently, the iOS app is not available.

2. Login Your Account

After installing, it’s time to log in to your account and choose your Depository Participants, Username, and Password.

MeroShare Mobile Apps

3. Go to My ASBA

In your Dashboard, you can My ASBA Menu, and click it.

4. Apply for Issue

Now, under Apply for Issue tab, you can see the current company issuing IPO, click on Apply.

Apply for Issue Mobile MeroShare App
Select Company Mobile Share App

5. Fill Up the Details

Now, it’s time to fill up your account details, Kitta, and CRN Number. Check I agree and click on Proceed button.

Fill Up IPO Details MeroShare

6. Enter Transaction Pin

Now, it’s time to enter your 4-digit Transaction PIN. Furthermore, it’s time to wait for the IPO Result.

Do you Buy/SELL Share? Check Our Share Calculator to calculate the price.

2. How to Apply IPO in Nepal using the website?

If you are applying for IPO from the MeroShare website then there are certain steps you need to follow.

1. First Go to MeroShare Website.

MeroShare Login

2. Under Menu, Go to My ASBA

Go to Apply for Issue tab and click on Apply

Apply for IPO in Nepal

3. Apply for IPO

Now, fill up all the details including Applied Kitta, Amount, CRN, etc. Now, check on I agree and finally click on proceed.

Apply for Current IPO using CRN

4. Enter your Meroshare PIN

Now, enter your 4 digits transaction PIN to proceed.

IPO Meroshare Transaction PIN

5. Check Application Report

Under the Application Report tab, you can check the status of the applied IPO. Here you can check Block Amount Status – Unverified/Verified.

Advantages of Using MeroShare for IPO

IPO is a form of a public offering of stock in which shares are offered to the general public on a company. MeroShare is the platform for filing an IPO. Before using MeroShare, you should know about its advantages.

  • You don’t have to physically visit the bank to fill an IPO.
  • You can see your portfolio within the MeroShare app.
  • You can transfer your share or do EDIS.
  • You can see your transaction through My Transaction History.
  • Moreover, you can proceed to renew your account from MeroShare too.

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Tips while Filing IPO in Nepal

  • Always check your balance before filing the IPO.
  • Remember your CRN (C-ASBA Registration Number).
  • Always keep your 4-digit PIN safe (you can also reset your MeroShare PIN).
  • Renew your MeroShare and DEMAT on time.
  • Wait for the Application to get Processed at Bank End ( Don’t Panic).
  • Fill up the IPO on Time, don’t wait for the last hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use MeroShare for the IPO application process?

It is an official website/application by CDS and Clearing Ltd. The MeroShare process is a simple, secure, and reliable application to apply for IPO in Nepal.

Can I check the status of my IPO filing from the mero app or website?

To check the status of IPO filing, you need to log in to your meroshare account, go to My ASBA, and under My ASBA > go to Application Report, now you can see the REPORT button, you can click on it to see the status.

How long does the entire process take for me to file IPO with MeroShare?

Filing IPO is not a time-consuming task, you can fill up the IPO within a minute if everything is okay. Sometimes due to a server issue, filing up IPO can take time.

Takeaway – Conclusion

Hopefully, this guide helps those of you who are new to the stock market.

The final takeaway is that you can easily apply for IPO in Nepal with MeroShare.

If you face any problem while applying for IPO then you can always ask us for help. You can comment below.

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